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HomeBridge Youth Society provides an approach to residential youth care, which is comprised of several departments. They include:

Youth Care
The mandate of the youth care team is to provide services to youth and their families. These services focus on producing experiences assisting youth and their families in understanding differently the impacts they have on relationships with each other, and make recommendations for change. These changes take time, clarity, and commitment from all involved. The youth care team exists to provide the structure, clarity, context, and meaning of the behaviours and experiences while a youth is in a HomeBridge residential facility. The role of the youth care team is not to be a substitute for the parent, rather a therapeutic intervener that provides feedback assisting in change that meets the needs of the family.

Statement of Need
The predominant themes our clients require us to have are accountability, consistency, and commitment in how we work together.

A focus on being accountable allows us to monitor ourselves to be able to assess increases and decreases in the performance of our services. It also allows us to adjust responsively to achieve the desired result clients, stakeholder, funders and ourselves, as an organization are seeking. Everyone wants to have accountability yet accepting and embracing the feeling of being accountable separates good teams from great teams. Clients need us to have a system of accountability to provoke predictability and in turn a sense of safety.

Broad Strategy
All HomeBridge Youth Society services operate from a team approach as a model for intervening and providing effective outcomes. This is accomplished by utilizing a team approach with a focus on best practice, which assists in fostering successful interventions and treatment.

Please refer to the Our Facilities menu for a greater understanding of the youth care profession, and the youth care approach utilized by HomeBridge Youth Society.

Clinical Team
The Clinical Team, which is comprised of the following positions: 
  • Psychologist
  • Case Management Coordinator
  • Care Coordinator
  • Program Coordinator
  • Youth Care
  • Clinical Social Worker/IWK CHOICES Counsellor
The Clinical Team is informed by research, knowledge, and practice skills from the fields of Social Work, Psychology, and Child and Youth Care.  It is the vision of this team to be a resource to all facilities within the Homebridge Community to ensure that youth and their families receive the best possible services. The Clinical Team Vision is supplementary to the Vision of the greater organization.

The administration department is the central hub of all internal and external communications pertaining to HomeBridge Youth Society. All human resource, clerical, food services, inventory control, licensing, insurance, occupational health and safety, training, and board business are managed from this center.

Offices of the Executive Director, Director of Youth Care and Operations, Office Manager, Director of Finance and Human Resource Manager are located at the Reigh Allen Centre, as well as several rooms to accommodate meetings and training.

The Finance Department is actually one person, the Director of Finance for HomeBridge Youth Society.

The Finance Department is essential to the ongoing operations of HomeBridge Youth Society, as all monies received from the Department of Community Services for operations, are filtered and managed through this office and disbursed to each facility. The Finance Department's focus is to ensure that the organization follows its annual budget very closely by tracking monthly grants and per diem (care day) billings, as well as tracking expenses for each facility.

The Director of Finance is responsible for all financial matters related to the organization and is also responsible for providing timely information for accurate and fiscally responsible decision making. 

The Director of Finance's responsibilities include:
  • The day-to-day recording of financial information;
  • Monthly billings to Agencies and Community Services;
  • Payroll and other related matters;
  • Asset inventory control;
  • Maintenance of donor database and preparation of donor tax receipts;
  • Annual budget preparation;
  • Preparation of monthly financial statements including forecasts of future net income/losses to help plan future spending or cost cutting;
  • Records Management duties;
  • Preparation and analysis of financial variance reports for the Board of Directors and the Executive Director.
There is a constant need for the Executive Director and Board to be kept apprised of financial trends that the organization and facilities experience, so they can make integral business decisions. The Director of Finance presents solutions and suggestions to ensure the organization operates within its budget. This is a pivotal role in ensuring HomeBridge operates in a financially stable environment.

Special Projects and New Initiatives

As the organization has grown, and the needs of the young people have increased, it was identified that a focus on special projects and new initiatives was necessary. Requirements, programming opportunities, and advanced employee training initiatives needed specialized concentration.

The role of the special projects and new initiatives department is to complete "one time" projects, and to further enhance the opportunities and resources for the young people and the organization from a global perspective. This is done by developing new partnerships, securing funding resources, and collaborating with current stakeholders.

Examples of "one time" projects completed would include, the relocation of the Cogswell House program from Halifax to Lower Sackville, and the development of an extensive employee orientation manual. Global program initiatives have included the conception and execution of the Art Experience Project and the Expressions program, which have focused on building resiliency and life skills in youth. Conflict education training for HomeBridge employees and Halifax Regional Police Officers was secured, and a training package that includes a video and manual was developed for future employees.

These initiatives provide the young people served with increased holistic and individualized resources and choices, to facilitate the changes needed in their various life stages and to promote long-term success.

The maintenance department is based at the Reigh Allen Centre and is comprised of three full time maintenance workers and one maintenance supervisor. This department is responsible for ongoing maintenance and upkeep for all HomeBridge Youth Society facilities.

The maintenance department utilizes a priority scale to address facility requests for maintenance. Each request is reviewed and answered by level of priority, which ranges from P-1 to P-5, where P-1 is the highest priority and P-5 is the lowest priority.

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