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Residential Youth Care Practice at HomeBridge Youth Society

HomeBridge Youth Society is committed to a inter-disciplinary approach to youth care. Employees represent a variety of professions, however the majority of employees are youth care workers. The profession of youth care is always developing and is further professionalizing at a fast pace. It finds some of its roots in social work and psychology, but has further defined and developed itself through research and study of practice.

The youth care practice established in the HomeBridge Community is based on the theory and findings of professionals from around the world. The Director of Youth Care and Operations has lead the development of our internal models from within our regional context, with the consultation and influence of Dr. Thom Garfat, (Montreal, Quebec), Dr. Brian Gannon (South Africa), Dr. Henry Maier (Seattle, Washington), Dr.Gerry Fewster (Victoria, British Columbia), Dr. Mark Krueger (Wisconsin), and Jack Phelan (Edmonton,Alberta).

We are confident that our methods are progressive and therapeutic. Our practice is under constant review as we thrive in a work environment of constant learning, discussion, and debate.

The youth care teams collaborate with the other professions represented within the organization, and those involved in the lives of the young people, to ensure that the best interests of the young people are always first.

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