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Recreation Therapy

In the Spring of 2021, HomeBridge added a full-time Recreation Therapist to our care team thanks to the support of the IWK Health Centre. By integrating evidence-based Recreation Therapy practice into our relational care model, he has worked hard to develop a culture of care in the HomeBridge Community that values the role of recreation in the development of young people.















The Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association defines therapeutic recreation as “a health care profession that utilizes a therapeutic process, involving leisure, recreation and play as a primary tool for each individual to achieve their highest level of independence and quality of life.”  Recreation Therapists use forms of recreation, leisure, and play as treatments modalities to support purposeful and meaningful interventions that are based on individual strengths and values, and are guided by assessments (CTRA, 2023). This covers a wide variety of therapeutic interventions that address an individual’s emotional, social, physical, and mental needs. Moreover, it’s often used in rehabilitation settings to allow young people to experience a deeper level of self-understanding and healing.  This has proven to be a very helpful intervention for the vulnerable youth served in the HomeBridge Community.



Skiing with Rob was awesome because I got to be great at something. I was way more confident every run down the hill, we were cheering each other on!

- HomeBridge Youth


[They] gave us lots of stuff to do in the summer. I like being busy cause it makes me feel better. tidal bore rafting was really cool, i wouldn’t get to do stuff like that at home.

- HomeBridge Youth

“Rob helps me go to dance classes. I love to learn new dance moves, I usually feel really relaxed afterwards. I like dance because it gets me to be active, if I didn’t go I’d probably just be on tik tok all day long.”

- HomeBridge Youth

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