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Services Offered

The services offered in the HomeBridge Community include:

  • Emergency access & crisis stabilization.

  • Long term placement in a youth care setting.

  • An accredited school program

  • Therapeutic interventions (ex: anger management, conflict education, school support, etc.)

  • Self-reliance and healthy independence are taught through the use of daily life events

  • Therapeutic programming including art and music therapy.

  • Recreation Therapy and leisure programming.

  • Occupational Therapy to support participation in daily life, social participation, and life transitions.

  • Employability and Life-skill programming including food handling and basic cooking skills, service learning opportunities, and resume and interview skills.

  • Mental Health and Addictions support.

  • Opportunities for individual and group learning.

  • Connectedness with community as a core focus of treatment.

“I learned to accept people for who they are because we have all been though our own things and there is no reason to judge.”

- HomeBridge Youth

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