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Reigh Allen Centre

A Member of the HomeBridge Community since 1999.

Owned by the Department of Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal.

Operated by HomeBridge Youth Society.

Located in Dartmouth.

The Reigh Allen Centre is a short-term emergency crisis and stabilization program for youth. It focuses on providing care for up to 14 youth, under 18 years of age, who are in need of stabilization, respite, or short-term placement.  The centre is divided into three living units, The Birches Unit, the Cedars Unit and a specialist unit, known as the Maples Unit.


The Reigh Allen Centre opened in Dartmouth in January 1999. The clinical team from the Brenton House program (now known as Cogswell House) and the HomeBridge administrative offices were moved to the new location on Pleasant Street.

The Reigh Allen Centre is an emergency-crisis-receiving centre with a maximum length of stay of 6 to 8 weeks. A Nova Scotia Regional Placement application does not have to be submitted but may be made directly by a child welfare agency. The primary goal for the Reigh Allen Centre youth care team is to stabilize the resident and assist with recommendations for treatment and placement options.

Specialist Bed Program

A separate two-bed programming unit was created in 2009  to serve youth under 18 years of age living under exceptional circumstances.

School District

Prince Arthur Junior High
Dartmouth High School
Bridges for Learning


Melissa Crooks, Supervisor

(902) 466-1439 ext. 238 



Tanya Shaw, Supervisor
(902) 466-1439 ext. 283


““My favorite part of programming is that we go out

and have fun.”

- HomeBridge Youth

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