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Our Heros

Our Heros

I Too...

I too, live in a group home.
It won't be forever, age will beat it.
I don't desire for people to feel guilty or rueful for me.
Although I feel alone sometimes, I become independent.
I too, live in a group home.

- BFL Student 

Hope Is Not Easy

I am on a journey through the dark and narrow streets.
I can feel the city rats running by my feet.
The homeless kids lie by the curb.
I struggle not to lie down with them
But I have to keep walking because I know what I want.
There has to be something more than just giving up.
Legs are aching, feet burning, but I know I have to keep up.
On my journey through the dark streets.
To defeat the opposition
I can see the light, but I won't be there tomorrow.

- HomeBridge Youth

The Freedom of Art

I feel as if I am locked inside a box with my emotions,
I'm angry, sad, trapped...
My emotions are wild, I need to be free.

A picture tells a thousand words,
words that may not be able to be spoken aloud.

We all need to express ourselves and our feelings,
where is the outlet?
Troubled youth seem to runaway,
away from the pain and hurt.

When you are running away you will most likely turn,
turn and stop for the loudest voice.
But whose voice is it,
helpful, or harmful?

Art can make you confront yourself.
It gives you the power to create your view
thru a broken window, from a broken life.

I run thru the dark alleys in my mind,
and I create.
Every feeling needs an outlet, a place to belong,
maybe someday, I'll belong too.

- Kate

I Am

I am scared and frightened
I wonder if I could be a wrestler
I hear raindrops
I see fighting
I want to go home unharmed
I am scared and frightened

I pretend to be happy but I am not
I feel that I can make a change
I touch my black eye
I worry about getting hurt
I cry myself to sleep
I am scared and frightened

I understand my consequences
I say stop fighting
I dream about happy things, not bad
I try to stop the fighting

- Mike

I Am Scared - Part II

I am scared to grow up to be scared of people.
I am scared to grow up and be a mistake.
I am scared to grow up and be a mess.
I am scared to grow up to be like my parents.
I am scared to grow up and be in jail
I am scared to grow up and be a drug head.
I am scared to grow up.
I am scared to do every thing wrong when I grow up.
I am scared to be lonely when I grow up

- Mike

I Am From

I am from my mother.
I am from good foods like steaks.
I am from county and rap music.
I am from drinking and fighting people.
I am from good friends like Brittany and Sheldon.
I am from my mom yelling at me because she was on drugs.
I am from trees and flowers in my yard, like old trees and dandy lions.
I am from games like I spy and cops and robbers.
I am from going to church and the movies.
I am from getting beat up and my brother going to jail.
I am from Sunday school in church.
I am from my grandma that loves me and will do anything for me.
I am from a hard life

- Anonymous

“HomeBridge helped me be more confident in myself.”

- HomeBridge Youth

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