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Building Future Possibilities

Jun 20, 2022

A partnership with the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and Mount Saint Vincent University.

Four students from our on-site school program, Bridges for Learning, earned a Construction Technology credit while working on a very impressive project last year outside of the classroom.


These young men took on the challenge of building a 14-foot Bird Class Sailing and Rowing Dinghy at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.  This program was a partnership with the museum and Mount Saint Vincent University that took the boat building experience gained from our “Safe Spaces and Relationships” program to the next level.  The students spent one afternoon a week at the museum working under the direction of Marine Conservation Assistant, Eamonn Doorly to build the boat.  The process allowed them to develop skills in following plans, using hand tools, construction and building, workplace safety, teamwork, and commitment. Thanks to the support of the Youth Development Initiative, the young people also earned a stipend for their efforts and commitment to the program.

Supported by the Bridges for Learning Team and our Recreation Therapist, the four students had nearly perfect attendance for this program and all earned an academic credit for their hard work.  They spend every Tuesday afternoon for five months working away at their boat and then proudly launched it in the harbour and took it out for a test drive. They were also invited for a personal tour of Irving Shipbuilding to learn more about the boat building process there.  The young men were very impressed by the enormity of everything and how everyone did their part to construct the massive ships. Everything about this program had a very positive impact on the participants.  Eamonn talked to them about careers in the trades while they were learning to use the tools needed to build the boat and the Vice-President of Human Resources from Irving Shipbuilding also talked to them about what a future career there could look like. 


The young men were incredibly proud of the boat they build and since the launch continue to talk about the program and what their future career may look like.  This was an incredibly meaningful program that helped them see the strengths and talents they have and inspired them to stay in school and work towards a career.  We would like to thank everyone involved in creating this experience for them and we hope to offer this program once again this year.

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