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Dr. Gerald Gordon Memorial Award

Jun 28, 2022

HomeBridge gains recognition for the work we do with vulnerable youth.

HomeBridge was honoured to be this year’s recipient of the Dr. Gerald Gordon Memorial. The

Gordon Foundation for Children and Youth presented us with the award this summer to

recognize the work we do to improve the mental health and well being of children and youth in

Nova Scotia.

This is an incredible honour to be recognized in such a way. The Gordon Foundation believes

that children and youth with good mental health, positive self-esteem and general well-being are

more likely to look after their health as adults – adult who maintain and improve our society.

The foundation has supported HomeBridge in the past with grants to fund the purchase of

Heartmath (a biofeedback program that allows the user to view, on a computer screen, how their

thoughts and emotions impact the rhythm of their heart and ultimately their behavior) and

support the Expressions Program of the Arts. We feel a strong alignment with their vision so this

award means a great deal to us.

Dr. Gerald Gordon was a psychologist and the Executive Director of the Atlantic Child Guidance

Centre for more than 20 years and a strong advocate for child and adolescent mental health

services. We are very proud to receive an award in his name and very excited that it comes with

a $1,000 donation as well. Since Dr. Gordon was a huge advocate for the arts we have decided

to use this money to support the budget for this year’s Expressions Program of the Arts. We feel

it is very fitting that money received in his name is used to provide the opportunity for

vulnerable youth to explore their creative side through art classes, music therapy and


Thank you to the Board of Directors that support the Gordon Foundation for Children and Youth

for recognizing our efforts to improve the lives of vulnerable youth and for everything you do to

create positive opportunities for marginalized children and youth in our province.

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