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Happy Vaniversary!

Nov 27, 2023

The Home Depot kicks off another campaign just as we celebrate the impact of their previous support.

Since 2014 The Home Depot has been supporting charities across the country who work towards preventing and ending youth homelessness.  HomeBridge has been very fortunate to be one of these charity partners and the team at The Home Depot Dartmouth Crossing have done amazing things to raise funds and awareness for the young people who live in the HomeBridge Community.  Their latest in-store campaign for the Orange Door Project kicks off on Tuesday, November 28th; just two days before the anniversary of them funding the purchase of a van to be used for Recreation Therapy outings.


We were very excited to share with them the impact this incredible gift has had on the young people in its first year.  As we celebrate our “Vaniversary”, we looked back on a year filled with 237 trips for our Recreation Therapist and the young people in our beloved Honda Odyssey.  Some trips were short, some trips were long, but they were all meaningful and none of them would have been possible without the fundraising efforts of the team at The Home Depot Dartmouth Crossing and their generous customers.  The longest trips were to go horseback riding in Stanley and Tidal Bore Rafting in the Bay of Fundy.  The van not only seats eight people, but we’re also able to fit a lot of equipment in it, including bikes which has opened up the potential for amazing outdoor adventures.  We also would have never been able to take five people snowboarding with all the gear without the van. Both the Recreation Therapist and the young people love the difference this van has made.  It has opened up doors to activities and experiences that would otherwise not be possible for the young people.


The latest in-store campaign for the Orange Door Project runs from November 28th through December 17th.  The campaign invites customers to support The Home Depot Canada Foundation’s initiative to help prevent and end youth homelessness in Canada by making a $2, $5, or $10 donation at the checkout in-store or online.  HomeBridge will once again be the beneficiary of all funds raised by the Dartmouth Crossing location. The Home Depot Canada Foundation has partnered with 126 organizations across the country, including HomeBridge, in an effort to support programs that work to remove systemic barriers youth face to foster healthy pathways for change.


We would like to thank everyone at The Home Depot Canada Foundation and the Dartmouth Crossing location for everything they do to support vulnerable youth in Canada. You too can be part of this campaign if you shop online or in store at the Dartmouth Crossing location.  Just add an Orange Door to your purchase at check out.  One door can change everything.



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