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Learning and Sharing

Oct 10, 2022

Proud to be part of the National Child and Youth Care Conference

In the HomeBridge Community we strive for best practice in all areas of our work which involves keeping up with the latest research and trends and regular professional development.  This year, not only did a number of HomeBridge employees attend the National Child and Youth Care Conference in Alberta, but one of our managers was also a presenter.

Caroline Moore, Director of Youth Care Services partnered with Jack Phelan, Co-Chair of the Child and Youth Care program at Grant MacEwan College to present “Use of Self in CYC Practice” to a room full of interested practitioners.   CYC practitioners basically bring themselves as the main ingredient in creating useful interactions with the young people and families they work with.  This workshop explored how “Self” grows more complex and powerful as a method to be helpful over the course of a practitioner’s career.  The facilitators took participants through exploring the newer practitioner, whose self-energy is based on creating safety, the seasoned practitioner, whose use of self builds connection and change, and the mature, fully functioning practitioner whose awareness of self creates a presence that is fully able to build hope, confidence and power in the young person or family.  They explained how growth in the use of self is mirrored in the three levels of CYC development.  This was helpful for both new practitioners who are just starting their careers as well as those seasoned professionals who have been in the field for some time.

We were very proud to be represented by Caroline Moore and the other employees who attended workshops and training to continue to evolve their practice and keep on top of the latest trends.  We believe learning should be an ongoing process as we strive to provide the best services possible for the youth in our care.

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