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Orange Door Success

Apr 27, 2022

We, at HomeBridge, are so proud and grateful to be connected to The Home Depot.

The Orange Door Project has been an absolute gift since it’s inception in 2014, but the latest in-store campaign really blew us away.  The holiday campaign landed smack in the middle of wave four of the COVID-19 pandemic here in our province, significant restrictions were in place and the public was encouraged to reduce their outings to public places.  These were less than ideal conditions for an in-store fundraising campaign, but the foundation and our beloved team at the Dartmouth Crossing not only came through, but exceeded our wildest expectations.  We honestly thought it was a mistake when we received the notification that we would be receiving over $13,000.

We have been impressed with The Home Depot Canada Foundation from the very start of this campaign.  What they are doing to support charities across the country and battle youth homelessness has been amazing to watch and even more amazing to be part of. What has also been impressive is how both the foundation and our partner store, Dartmouth Crossing, have managed to keep this campaign going and raise huge amounts of money during a pandemic.  Even with a focus on the safety of employees first, the in-store campaigns have continued and been very successful.  We, at HomeBridge, are so proud and grateful to be connected to The Home Depot. A simple thank you no longer feels sufficient to express our gratitude for what they have done and continue to do for vulnerable youth. 

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