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Restorying Your Story

Sept 21, 2022

Restorying Your Story

We, in the HomeBridge Community, are on a constant journey into deeper culture awareness and understanding. We continue to promote an environment that is inclusive and inspires diversity awareness and celebration. We know the learning curve is steep, but we are committed to expanding the awareness of all employees.  Our latest training was brought to us by Mark Ethier and Dr. Michael Gauthier from Life-Cycle Consulting. 

Based on their proprietary learning platform - "Restorying Your Story”, the trainers provided a healing program that can be used by frontline workers in and out of Indigenous communities. Managing Partner Michael Gauthier did his PhD work in this area.  The teachings balance recognition of historical facts with today's realities with an emphasis on creating a positive collaborative future.  The programming includes innovative, culturally sensitive communication tools that encourages dialogue to start the journey to a positive and healthy life style.  Their teachings helped us expand our cultural awareness surrounding Indigenous communities.  It helped all of us learn, expand our empathy and want to be part of the solution. 


There is an over representation of youth who come to HomeBridge from Indigenous communities throughout Nova Scotia.  We strongly believe that every youth matters and will continue to work towards providing the best services possible for all vulnerable youth in Nova Scotia. Thank you to Mike and Mark sharing this experience with all of us as we continue on this journey of learning.   




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