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Summer Adventures

Sept 19, 2023

Recreation Therapy in Full Swing

Despite this being Nova Scotia’s rainiest summer in over 35 years, we had our busiest Summer Recreation Program to date. The young people came up with lots of great ideas for activities and outings, and our Recreation Therapist also brought back some favorites from past summers. Everyone was encouraged and supported to get involved and make the most of their summer – and they did!


This program is made possible by the support of The Home Depot Canada Foundation through their Orange Door Project. Their financial support made it possible for us to add 191 hours of therapeutic activities and outings to help the young people broaden their experience, discover talents and interests they weren’t aware they had and escape the stress of their current situation for a while.  All of this has been proven to be very beneficial for youth-in-care as they haven’t always had the same opportunities and experiences as their peers. Some of this summer’s adventures included a trip to McNab’s Island to explore, deep sea fishing trips, disc golf, horseback riding, bouldering, kayaking, and Tidal Bore rafting.  Fishing was very popular with the young men who live at Cogswell House.  They found the peaceful and scenic activity to be so helpful in calming their anxiety and clearing their mind that even when the weather was bad they spent their time gathering worms so they would be prepared when the conditions were right. A number of young people experienced a lot of growth and healing through bouldering this summer as well.  Just trying this challenging activity helped to boost their confidence and make them feel accomplished.  They also built a positive relationship with the Recreation Therapist and a significant level of trust.  Letting go and knowing that he wouldn’t let them fall was a huge step for the participants and the experience was incredibly therapeutic.

Many of the outings and activities simply look like they are fun, and they definitely are, but these experiences are so much more than that. We saw a lot of firsts this summer as the young people stepped outside of their comfort zones and checked things off their bucket lists.  We also saw a lot of growth and connection.  Recreation Therapy is part of our therapeutic services all year round in the HomeBridge Community, but summer is when the young people have the most free time therefore it is very important that we offer healthy and age appropriate activities to keep them engaged and connected.


Thank you again to the Home Depot Canada Foundation for your continued support.  The Orange Door Project has been an incredible gift to us and the young people who live in the HomeBridge Community.


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