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Welcome Back to Our AGM!

Jun 28, 2023

Bringing Everyone Back Together

After three years of virtual events, we were very happy to welcome everyone back to NSCC’s Waterfront Theatre for our Annual General Meeting & Expressions Program of the Arts this year and it was definitely an event to remember.


The theme of this year’s Expressions program was “Creating a Space to Belong” and the end of year celebration definitely lived up to that theme.  The event, which combines the business elements of an AGM and a celebration of the therapeutic, arts program, opened with our team of Music Therapists leading the audience through an interactive song filled with clapping and stomping to create a beat.  Everyone came together as one of the youth banged out the beat on a drum.  Employees, Board members, donors, stakeholders and friends all clapped along to create a powerful rhythm.   This was just one of several musical performances that entertained our guests.  One of our residents also captured the hearts of everyone in attendance when she braved the stage to sing a Tracy Chapman classic.  The musical performances and art show that are part of this event are our way of giving the young artists that discover new talents during the Expressions program a platform to showcase their growth and discovery throughout the year.


Approximately 80 people filled the Waterfront Theatre at NSCC Ivany Campus for this event.  Among the highlights was two of our community partners being recognized with our Outstanding Service to Youth Award. It was our pleasure to honour both Jane Boyd Landry of the Children’s Aid Foundation of Nova Scotia and David Davies from the Youth Development Initiative for the incredible work they do to support youth-in-care. We also recognized employees who have reached milestones in their years of service with the organization and looked back on the past year of triumphs and challenges.  

The part of the program that everyone was left talking about, however, was the return of a past resident.  Wesley was a member of the HomeBridge Community for nearly 4 years and took part in every program and opportunity that was offered. He shared the highlights of his time living at Jubien House with audience members and brought many to tears, saying that he never considered the Youth Care Team staff.  He considered them one big family.  Even though he is all grown up and living on his own now, he still calls Jubien House regularly to chat with the Youth Care Workers and credits their encouragement for why he is now in college and doing so well.  We were very excited to have Wesley join us for this event and so grateful that he continues to keep in touch.


It was wonderful having everyone back together again for an in-person event that concluded with a barbeque reception for all to enjoy.  Thank you to everyone who was part of this special afternoon.

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